Hannah Michelle Provisor is a graduate of Penn State with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She is from the heart of Los Angeles, California and loves jazz, graphic novels, every kind of bread, and awkward humor.

Currently focused on illustration, Hannah has been really diving in to drawing, specifically for children, but she also recently began a series called Cats Calling Back that exposes the stories of women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Her drawings are all about girl power and feminism, with a whimsical and child-like twist.

Hannah lives in Brooklyn and is happy to be living a creative life, and following her passions toward whatever comes next!

Check out her instagram, @hannahbelle.michelle, or her Illustrations page for a look at her newest work. Open for commissions. 

For more info on Cats Calling Back , you can check out this article in Huffington Post or the video below. Go to the Cats Calling Back page of this website where you can find more links and a submission form!